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Chefs’ Club was born out of Stacey (my roommate) and Kim‘s (another close friend) birthday trip to Italy in August 2008, where many memorable moments centered around food and drink, sharing and tasting new dishes and foods and enjoying each other’s company.

Upon returning home (in August), Stacey and I began discussing possible ideas for a cooking club and girls we knew who’d be excited to join. We borrowed the idea of special ingredients from Iron Chef, but thankfully, decided it should be a full evening affair! We came up with roles for a 4-course meal with drinks. Instead of a potluck-type dinner, we envisioned an evening of cooking together – teaching each other about our ingredients and the preparation as we learned ourselves – as well as enjoying the food! In the end, Chefs’ Club made its’ official debut in November 2008!

                                                                                                                                                – Chef Kelly

Chefs' Club1 025

Our very first Chefs' Club! November 2008 - Kelly and Stacey's old apartment in Coolidge Corner


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