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How it works

Chefs’ Club is made up of 9 women who are interested in getting together once a month to enjoy one another’s company, with the goal of learning more about the art of cooking.  Our hope is to learn to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients and to spend time with great friends.

This has truly turned into an extravagant monthly “event” that each one of us awaits with excitement.  There is the search for the perfect recipe, the shopping and preparation, the anticipation of how the dish will turn out, and the satisfaction in eating a truly terrific meal. The best part is the fellowship and fun of all getting together and cooking in small Boston apartments, entirely too small for 9 chefs, but loving every minute of it.

Each girl is in charge of a different part of the meal each month:

  • Soup/Appetizer
  • Salad
  • Main Dish
  • Side – veggie
  • Side – starch
  • Dessert
  • Wine
  • Before/After Dinner Drink
  • Kitchen Helper/Music

How it works: The rules are quite simple – prepare a dish that you have never made before, making sure to use at least one of the seasonal ingredients that we’ve picked out for the month. We all get together early in the evening to prepare our dishes and cook with one another. Some of the ingredients are new to us, so we learn a lot from each other during the preparation and cooking phase.

When we sit down to eat, the fun and learning continues! We bless the meal and our time together, and then the  “oohs and ahhs’” over the first dish begin! The Chef who prepared the course shares her story – where she found the recipe, what ingredient she decided to use, and the difficultly she had in completing the dish. This part is usually full of funny anecdotes and a lesson in what NOT to do for next time :). When each course is finished we take turns cleaning and plating the next course. At the end of each evening, we trade our recipes to pass the good food along!

This has truly turned into a highlight of every month!


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