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June 2011 – Summer at last!

Summer is here!  We got together to prepare some fantastic Summer dishes 🙂  Thanks to Meredith’s roomies, who let us crash thier house, even when she wasn’t able to get there at the start time!


  • Cocktail: Kim – a Summer classic: the Mojito!
  • Appetizer:  Stacey – Goat cheese rounds with fresh garlic and honey
  • Salad: Erin – Cucumber Tomato and Pineapple Salad with Asian Dressing.  Lots of color! And a great alternative to a lettuce/greens-based salad!
  • Main: Laura – Spicy Fajita’s!  These had some kick to them! And they were absolutely fantastic! SUCH great flavor. I would make them again in a heartbeat.
  • Side: Kelly – tried to re-create an AMAZING pork and pineapple salad that we had in the Cayman Islands in February.  I used pork tenderloin and fresh pineapple.  I couldn’t find a recipe that seemed like a good match, so I just experimented a bit with the notes I had made myself on the trip. Sadly, this did not turn out well!!! It’s not even worth mentioning what I tried to assemble. bleh.
  • Dessert: Sarah – Angel Food Cake with delicious custard filling and fresh strawberries. This recipe is for cupcakes, but Sarah made it as a layer cake with strawberries on top. Very light!
  • Wine: Meredith
  • Not present: Kelly J – she’s at home with a newborn!!!!

Stacey's flavorful goat-cheese app!

More goat cheese all around.

Erin's delicious and refreshingly Summery salad.


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