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Hatch Shell Appetizers

This is our third annual “Chefs’ Club evening at the Hatch Shell”!  We attend the Landmark’s Festival Orchestra free classical concerts nearly EVERY Wednesday of the Summer at the Hatch Shell; but, once a year, we make it an extra special occasion by bringing Chefs Club outside to dine on the Esplanade and enjoy our city!


Appetizer: Meredith – Green Bean Salad.

Appetizer: Sarah – Bean Salad

Appetizer: Erin – tomato, roasted red pepper, cheese salad

Appetizer: Kim – Wisconsin Cheese from her recent trip back home – Cracked Pepper aged Cheddar…HMMMM!

Appetizer: Kelly B. –  Sopressata Asiago Spirals  (Note: used sopressata, not pepperoni!)  This is a slight variation off the recipe, which are technically “Pepperoni Asiago Pinwheels”.   Fairly easy and a fun, tasty finger food!

Dessert: Laura – Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie with this Peanut Butter Icing recipe for an amazing sandwich of a dessert!!

Dessert: Stacey – key lime pie – AMAZING Summer flavors. A must-try.

Wine: everyone/guests/etc

Wednesday Night's out at the Hatch Shell!

Kelly's Sopressata-Asiago Pinwheels

Meredith's Green Bean Salad

Sarah's bean salad!

Erin's tomato and cheese salad!

Wisconsin Cheese!

Stacey's Key Lime Pie

Laura's amazing sandwich cookies 🙂 Chocolate and Peanut Butter!


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