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South America, here we come!

April 2011 – South American Cuisine

Chefs’ Club Guest Dinner


  • Cocktail: Tara and Erin – Capairaina
  • Appetizer: Sarah  – Empanadas – two kinds!  The dough recipe on these empanadas are seriously amazing. Sar was a little worried about having vinegar in the recipe, but these were REALLY stand out! My fave?The  Chorizo Pepper Empanadas!!!   The dough was also fantastic: Empanada Dough.  The other empanadas were the more traditional Argentinian Empanadas Santiaguenas. Sarah also included this instructional Video on sealing empanadas using the repulgue technique.
  • Salad: Laura – Belgian Endive, Hearts of Palm, and Avocado Salad  (Laura originally pulled from a cookbook with no internet link, but when she searched again the net, found the salad recipe here, with a slightly different Vinaigrette recipe.)
  • Main: Kim and Meredith – Argentinean Steak with Chimichuri sauce.
  • Side: Stacey  – Rice and Beans from Brazil
  • Side: Kelly B – Avocado with lime juice and salt, garnished with South Americain Quinoa mixture: I used a mix of several recipes that I looked at…1.  Quinoa Salad with Lime/Avocado/Black Beans.  2. Red Quinoa Avocado Salad (this one has the avocado IN the salad…also a delicious take on this!)  3. Quinoa/Hearts of Palm Salad.  And then just added my own flair.  So…this is my own version!!  I didn’t want to use avocado IN the salad, but meant it to be eaten alongside, as the main ingredient, with the quinoa salad almost as a hearty garnish. STEP 1: Prepare one package of red quinoa and one regular quinoa, according to box directions.  (I think I added too much water and it cooked too long!! Be careful!  I would also recommend cooking the quinoa one day before so that the temp can be room temperature, rather than hot when mixing all the ingredients…felt like I wilted the cilantro a fair amount). Add thawed, frozen corn, chopped fresh cilantro, and Minced red onion. ( I used food processor to chop it finely)Pour over some:  Fresh lime juice (and some pulp!) (cut in half, squeeze over, use a spoon to scrape out some pulp and the extra juice.)Olive Oil. Red Wine vinegar. Salt and Pepper (to taste). Avocado slices:  pour lime juice over the top, olive oil, salt and pepper. Arrange in an array of 4-3 slices on plate, with quinoa dolloped over the top.
  • Dessert: Kelly J – Tres Leches Cake – one of the most decadent and delicious desserts we’ve had! This is a FANTASTIC recipe. Highly recommended!
  • Wine: Thanks guys! Greg, Eric, Dimitru, Mark, Aaron, Geoff, Sam, Trevor, and Josh


Making cocktails!

Grilling the steaks!

Prepping the steak to plate for the guests...

Tres Leches!


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