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Classical Wednesdays – AUG 2010 Chefs’ Club

Planning to take advantage of the lovely entertainment options of the Summer in Boston, we planned a repeat performance of appetizers at the Hatch Shell where we could enjoy the Wednesday Classical concerts by the Boston Landmarks Orchestra.

Unfortunately, our night of choice, August 25th, the weather did not cooperate.  It had been pouring for two solid days! Not ideal for an outdoor picnic with blankets on the ground!  So, BACK-UP PLAN, everyone was to bring their app’s to Meredith’s house (very near the Esplanade, anyways) and enjoy a dry evening inside while listening to classical music on the radio 🙂

FRUIT: fig and nectarines     VEGE: carrots and sun-dried tomatoes

  • Appetizer: Kelly J – Maroccan Carrot and Goat Cheese Sandwiches with Olive Tapanade. There were a lot of steps to make these into sandwiches, but the recipes are all fantastic on their own, too!  The carrots would be AMAZING alone as a Moroccan Carrot Salad and the Olive Tapanade was so easy that Kelly wondered why she hadn’t made it before!
  • Appetizer: Mer –Noodle, Green Bean, and Carrot Salad – great flavor!
  • Appetizer: Erin – Sun-dried Tomato, Smoked Mozzarella, and Sausage Galette! Delicious!
  • Appetizer: Kim – Nectarine Chicken-Salad.  As someone who is not usually a fan of any kind of ‘chicken salad’, this was SOOO good! It’s a great mix between a green salad and a chicken salad recipe.  A definite treat. Great flavors and it felt light!
  • Appetizer: Laura – Sun-dried Tomato Dip with fresh veggies and pita chips. Yum!
  • Appetizer: Kelly B – grilled nectarines with feta.  This was quite an easy recipe, but also a tasty mix of sweet and salty flavors.  To be honest, the most difficult part was actually HALVING the nectarines!  Beware, if the nectarines are too soft, they will not ‘halve’ well, but in a mushy mess 😦  I used an indoor-electric grill surface, which unfortunately missing out on some of the flavor, but does make it easier to catch overflowing feta.
  • Dessert: Stacey – Home-made fig ice cream!  And just in case there wasn’t enough to go around, she also purchased some additional vanilla ice-cream and made a wonderful fig sauce to go over it! Delicious!  Stacey made use of her new b-day gift: an ice-cream maker!
  • Not present: Tara and Sarah
  • Guests: Josh, Jill, Geoff, Stephanie, Jenny, Lara, and Liam.

Putting together the Moroccan Carott and Olive tapanade sandwhichs!

Spicy Noodle, Green Bean, and Carott Salad

Sun-dried tomato dip and fresh veggies for our outdoor-turned-indoor picnic 🙂

Chicken-nectarine Salad

Sun-dried tomato Galette

Grilled nectarines with Feta

Fig ice cream

Serving up the ice cream with the home-made fig sauce.

The final product. Mmmm!


So, what started as a VERY rainy week, with the round soaked and the skies open and picnic canceled, turned into a lovely evening of sharing great food with fun friends. Hope you enjoy the recipes!


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