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April Showers

April’s Chefs’ Club felt slightly crazy!  Stacey and I had just moved out of our apartment….and into Sarah and Sam’s!  Meanwhile, Sarah and Sam had just moved into their own place 🙂  They are proud, new home-owners!  Since Stacey and I, or Sarah, usually host, things were a bit up in the air.  Thankfully, Meredith offered up her place and, graciously, her non-chefs’-club roommates allowed us to invade for the evening.

It turned out to be a lovely evening 🙂  We each trekked across town in our rainboots and umbrellas, towards Meredith’s place: a safe-haven from the rainy weather to just chill out, decompress with friends, and COOK, of course!

Here’s the run-down for April:

SPECIAL INGREDIENTS:  honey and cinnamon!

  • Drink – Meredith – Bee’s kiss.  RECIPE: 4 parts white rum, 1 part dark rum, 3 parts cream, 1.5 parts honey. Shake all ingredients well over crushed ice in a shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve.
  • Appetizer – Erin – Fig, Goat Cheese, and Peppered Honey – PHENOMENAL!  Several of us have already re-created this dish for other events. Lots of compliments all around! A fantastic combination of flavors.  Erin actually used dried figs, rather than the fresh ones that the recipe had recommended (difficult to find this time of year). Carefully cut into the top of the dried fig and creat a small, bowl-like shape that you can drop some cheese into. This creates perfectly, bite-sized appetizers.   In a creative twist, Erin ALSO served another version of this: on a plate, she placed a dutch goat cheese, crackers, and a pool of the peppered honey.  In another dish, she shopped up the figs and added some carmelized onion. Then, each person makes a small cracker adding cheese, the fig/onion mixture, and the peppery honey on top. Soooo good!
  • Salad – Kelly J – an AWESOME salad for her debut dish: Asain Pear and Avocado Salad with Garam Masala Syrup. It was subtly sweet, but had a kick to it, too! Very fun!
  • Main – Tara – Honey-glazed Pork Tenderloin with Melon & Pineapple.  Tara sends an extra-special shout-out to Stace for “providing helpful and appropriate assistance/supervision during my first attempt ever to cook pork” — Tara – it was delicious! I hope you add it in to your normal cooking repertoire 🙂
  • Side – Laura – Couscous with dried Apricot, Currants, and Pistachios. Laura ended up trading the currants for dried cherries and the pistachios for pecans and it was all fantastic!
  • Side – Stacey – Roasted Cauliflower with Honey and Spices. A Todd English recipe… VERY tasty!
  • Dessert – Kelly – Cranberry Cinnamon Clafoutis. I had never tried to prepare a Clafoutis before – a famously French dessert.  In the end, it was much easier than I had expected it to be! Fairly easy to whip up quickly, but it tastes rich and decadent!
  • Wine – Kim
  • Not Present 😦 Sarah was not able to attend this night 😦  She had a wonderful opportunity to attend a fundraising and celebratory event. However, we did save her some leftovers!

This meal turned out to be oddly monochromatic!! Primarily beige. lol.  Doesn’t sound or look incredibly appetizing, but our mono-chrom-meal was a hit! It was full of flavor and everything melded together to accent each other perfectly! It seemed as though a lot of the savory dishes people found with honey and/or cinnamon included coriander!  A fun fact to know about cooking with those ingredients – they must go well together!

Cocktail time 🙂 CHEERS!

The appetizer: fig, goat cheese, and peppered honey 🙂 (Shown here in the two different presentations!)

Using whatever tool is necessary to get the job done 🙂

Trying out the cracker version of the app -- fun Dutch goat cheese w/ fig and onion spread.

Prepping the salads

Dipping the Asain pears and the avocado slices into the garam masala mixture.

Waiting for everyone to be served...the bon appetit!

Tara's delicious pork with melon and pineapple, the roasted cauliflower, and the couscous! Our monochromatic meal 🙂

Cranberry Cinnamon Clafoutis


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