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mangoes, asparagus, and onions, OH MY!

March Chefs’ Club ended up to be quite an exotic meal! Our choice of ingredients took us down a road that was much more ‘eastern’ than most of our other meals.  It was FANTASTIC!!  There were a ton of wonderful, bold flavors and everything complimented the other dishes so well!

FRUIT: Mangoes and Berries       VEGETABLES: Onion/Green Onions and Asparagus

  • Cocktail: Kelly – Mango Martini – YUM YUM! Used a Mango flavored Malibu Rum. I didn’t even know Mango Rum existed!
  • Appetizer: Stacey – Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Shrimp. Two of the sauces Stacey made are included on this recipe link.  The third one was for _____________.
  • Salad: Laura – Orange
  • Main: Erin – Grilled Tandoori Style Chicken with Mangoes.  (we baked it since we don’t actually have a grill!)
  • Side: Sarah – Saffron Orzo with Asparagus and Prosciutto.
  • Dessert: Kim – Mango Coconut Sticky Rice with Toasted Sesame.  A really delicious dessert that makes a BEAUTIFUL presentation. Check out the photo below!
  • Wine: Meredith
  • Not present 😦   – Tara   This month is still under construction!! 

    The Mango Martini

    All the fun fillings for the Spring Rolls!

    Diligently prepping the meal

    Spring rolls are ready!! Stacey made 3 different sauces - all were fantastic! We had trouble finding the proper wrappers at the store, though. The kind we purchased are NOT recommended...too dry and breakable.

    Asparagus for the orzo side!

    Mmmm! Yummy salads.

    Preparing the saffron, asparagus orzo.

    The main dish! Chicken and Orzo

    Dessert perfection!! Mango Coconut Sticky Rice with Toasted Sesame Seeds

    Group shot!


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