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Buon compleanno, Laura! – Simple Italian Evening

For our February get-together, the only day that worked for us to all get together, ended up being Laura’s birthday. So, we let the birthday girl decide 🙂 Her vote? Pizza and amazing birthday desserts!

Stacey managed to come up with a theme that would encompass all of this:  a “Simple Italian Evening“.  In the end, it turned out to be a bit more elaborate than we had planned, but we couldn’t hold back on our birthday girl 🙂 Everything was really amazing…plus, Laura was able to invite some other close friends to celebrate the event! 

Theme: Simple Italian.

  • Appetizer –  Kelly – Mixed Antipasto. This had a 4 fork rating on epicurious….we agreed!
  • Salad (served w/ the Pizza) – Stacey –Roasted Beet, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Salad from FoodTV’s resident Italian chef: Giada De Laurentiis!
  • Pizza – Meredith –  The pizza girls went ALL out.  They each made TWO different kinds of pizza!  It was a lot of work for one evening, but great to try out a lot of different recipes.  Mer made a Carmelized Onion Mushroom Pizza and a Barbeque Chicken Pizza
  • Pizza – Erin – …while Erin created a Mozzererlla/Tomatoe Pizza and a very creative Apple, Ham, and Cheddar Pizza.  What variety!
  • Dessert –  Tara – Since Chocolate is ABOVE AND BEYOND Laura’s favorite, Tara stepped up to make the decadent b-day dessert.  There isn’t a link, but Tara typed out her recipe and notes for us! Enjoy:
    To go along with the simple yet delicious theme  🙂  here is my recipe:
        1 box cake mix
        1 box instant pudding
        1 cup sour cream
        1/2 cup oil
        1/2 cup water
        4 eggs
        1 bag chocolate chips
    Bake at 350 degrees in bundt cake pan for 60 minutes.
    You may substitute any kind of cake mix & pudding you want, and then decorate with anything you want!  I used chocolate fudge Dunken Hynes cake mix, milk chocolate instant pudding, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I frosted with whipped milk chocolate frosting (microwaved for ~ 20 seconds to soften prior to frosting) and topped with cut up Reese’s peanut butter cups. 
    (I also made another cake for the next evening using DH french vanilla cake mix, vanilla instant pudding, and butterscotch chips.  I topped with whipped cream cheese frosting and cut up Butterfinger.  It was AMAZING.)
    Also, just an FYI, I’ve tried adjusting with light sour cream, egg substitute, etc. and it does not turn out nearly as good, as we might all imagine!  Stick with the good stuff while baking, and then just try not to eat too much of it!  🙂   (From our Clinical Dietician!)
  • Dessert – Sarah –  Tiramisu – To stick to our theme we had a traditional italian dessert as well.  For a first try Sarah, you knocked this out of the park!  She was worried, having prepped it the night before as suggested, but sitting overnight, the flavors melded together perfectly. She made something that sounds difficult, perfectly! (the link also includes a video tutorial 🙂
  • Before/After Dinner Drink –  Kim – Italian Bellinis
  • Kitchen Helper/Music – No one –  we miss you Kat!
  • Wine – Our guests brought a few bottles…thanks David, Kristin, Rob, Sam, and Trevor!  It was great having you there to help celebrate Laura’s birthday dinner 🙂

MORE LINKS TO COME!!!  I need all the girls to send their recipe linke my way 🙂

Prepping in the Kitchen!

Happy Birthday!

Roasting the beets for the salad.

Close up! - They look delicious!

The table - somehow we fit 13 in this small was tight! Good thing we know each other well.

Some of the cooks in the kitchen 🙂

Frosting the cake with chocolatey decadence!

Visiting with friends

More prep...

more visiting 🙂

Pizza preparations!

Mixed Antipasto

Individual antipasto plates!

A variety of the pizzas and the roasted beet salad.



Looks like a professional! Great job on all the layers, Sarah! This was fantastic 🙂

Birthday decadence!

Chocolate and peanut butter 🙂 Tara's dessert creation!

A great night for the birthday girl!

Work in progress!!!

More recipe links to come for FEBRUARY.


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  1. whoa, that reese’s cup cake looks so good!

    Comment by Jenny Beck | March 25, 2010 | Reply

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