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You win some :), you lose some :(

So, after 14 months of meeting up to cook together, I think we had our first official ‘flop’!  We’re not sure if the ingredients we chose worked out in our favor, or if we just happened to choose bum recipes, but overall, this was NOT our favorite evening.  Each month we get together, we are always arguing about how this one was the BEST one we’ve ever had – for once, we were all in agreement – this one was, sadly, our least favorite 😦

Of course, it was still a great evening – exchanging Christmas cards and hanging out with friends.  It had really seemed WAY too long since our last evening together like this 🙂

Our ingredients of choice (not necessarily recommended!): FRUITS: Blood oranges and Kiwi; VEGETABLES: Parsnips and Snow peas

  • Appetizer –  Laura – Parsnip and Potato Latkes – served up with fresh sour cream and applesauce! Laura’s recommendation:  be sure that the potatoes are dried WELL.  It seemed difficult for the latkes to stick together properly when frying when the mixture was too moist.  Be ready to pat with paper towels and blot out the extra moisture. 
  • Salad Course – Erin  –  this salad was the highlight of the evening! Quite different from many of the salads we’ve tried and EXCELLENT.  It was very colorful and festive, too!  We would definitely give this one two thumbs up: beets, kiwi, oranges…lovely presentation & taste.
  • Main Dish – Kim –  – Kim has requested that we don’t post this recipe!  It is always difficult to tell what will turn out well, and what won’t, but experimentation is part of what this club is about!  Pork and orange sounds delcious, but the rinds of the blood oranges made the whole dish quite bitter. So sad!  Perhaps making a compote of sorts, something sweet to accompany the pork, would make this better). However, HAVE NO FEAR!  We won’t learn if we won’t try — so get to the kitchen and try something new today!
  • Side – Kelly – Sauteed Snow Peas – I wasn’t particularly excited about this recipe before I made it – it seemed quite plain, but we needed a vegetable!  It actually turned out really well.  A solid vegetable side, and VERY quick and easy to make.  (It IS a very basic recipe, so I  added a bit of garlic to kick things up a bit – it made the dish and we all would recommend adding that in the future. )
  • Side –  Meredith – Parsnips Roasted with Mace and Brandy – We thought the flavor of this was delicious…however, for our first time cooking with parsnips, it was difficult to tell when they were done.  They had already cooked past the cook-time, but once we sat down we realized they had a long way to go!  Perhaps roasting would be easier??  In any case, be prepared to to let them cook a bit longer than the recipe suggests!
  • Dessert – Sarah – Blood Orange Jelly with Brandied Whip Cream.  This was hard-earned! Sarah hand squeezed enough blood oranges to get 3 cups of juice!  The presentation was cool…and the whipped cream was especially decadent.  In the end, I think Sarah felt that for all the hard work, jello is quite similar and a lot easier to make!  This, however, was MUCh more decadent than jello…it was much richer and had more of an opaque look.  The citrus with the cream helped to balance one another, too.
  • Before/After Dinner Drink –  Tara – Orange Coffee Hot Chocolate (made w/ decaf coffee and light hot chocolate – our resident Dietitian tries to help us out when she can!)
  • Wine – Stacey – Thanks to Boston’s Best Cellars!

Erin's Salad! Colorful and festive. VERY flavorful!

Close up!

Plating the main meal...


Plating the dessert. Don't forget the whip cream! The tart and the creaminess together made for a good combination.

Dessert and Post-dinner drink in the living room...comfy and cozy together!

Chocolate Orange Coffee


Hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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