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Happy Birthday Chefs’ Club!

Today we are hosting a very special Chefs’ Club:  As of this month, we have been meeting once per month for an entire year!  HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! In this day and age where everyone is crazy busy and we all have TO-DO lists a mile long, we have made this a priority and have managed to get together every single month for a year…it’s exciting!

It seems as though life can get tricky sometimes.  This morning we awoke to torrential downpours and rain that hasn’t let up all day.  On top of that, Kelly‘s car decided that it no longer wishes to function, Meredith‘s ceiling is leaking through all over her living room (good thing she bought that HUGE blue tarp this past summer when we were camping!), and Sarah and Sam are dodging raindrops, trying to pack up and move into a new apartment.

But alas, we must keep it all in perspective, we are alive well and we have jobs, and homes, and our families and of course friendship.  We have to remember that we are not in control and leave it in the hands of our Maker. Tonight should be a great time to just relax, be with the girls, and be cozy inside …

To top it off, there is yet another reason to celebrate: some of our friends have heard so much about Chefs’ Club that they’ve decided to create their own!  Yea! We are so excited for them.   We wish you luck tonight as you start your very first Chefs’ Club evening together.  May you be blessed with many more!


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  1. Félicitations ! C’est bien un vrai repas français que vous avez fait là ! Miam miam, cela donne envie ! Les photos sont superbes aussi !

    (Congratulations ! You have done a real French diner. Miam miam, want to taste it ! The photos are great too !

    Comment by Chrystel | January 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oups ! Je me suis trompée de place pour laisser mon commentaire ! Kelly, peux-tu effacer ces deux là ?

    Comment by Chrystel | January 18, 2010 | Reply

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