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First Chefs’ Club – November 2008

November 21 2008

After a month of preparation, laying the groundwork for our ‘club’, and inviting friends to participate, we held our very first Chefs’ Club! We all crowded into our kitchen and started the craziness of cooking a 4 course meal together.

Everything in the kitchen was pure hilariousness.  A few fun anecdotes from the evening:

  • Blender disasters: We are definitely learning a lot.  For instance, I (Kelly), realized that cooking soup for 8 (especially the kind that needs to be blended) is quite a long process! Ladeling spoonfuls into the blender…and then, YIKES!!!!!  Please beware of trying this at home…hot, liquid ingredients in an overly stuffed blender – not the best idea.  Needless to say, after sponge cleaning butternut squash puree off the walls (and applying a bit of ice to the forearms) all ended well.  In the end, the soup was worth the effort. (recipe link attached to picture).
  • Personalized cocktails: Another tradition was also started this night…naming drinks after their maker.  Laura was the ‘before/after dinner drink’ girl for the month and came up with a wonderful ‘Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Martini’…in the end, we renamed it in her honor – the “Pumpin Prickettini”.
  • Recap: Good times and amazing food…we were off to a great start.

Special ingredients for the month:

  • Fruit: Apple and Concord Grapes
  • Vegetables: Butternut Squash and Pumpkin

Here are a few photographs of our meal…

Before/After dinner drink: Laura – Pumpkin Pie Martinis – aka the “Pumpkin Prickettini”

Chefs' Club1 017

These two roomies are testing out the drink of the month: The Pumpkin Prickettini!

Chefs' Club1 016

It gets a little silly with 9 cooks in the kitchen - but we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Appetizer/Soup Course: Kelly  – Cousin Jake’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I had this soup in October at my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta.  The soup was SO rich and delicious and tasted like Autumn.  I was raving about it so much and he suddenly said, “Well, I gave the hotel the recipe”. He loves to cook and so he and Sarah had decided to personalize their wedding dinner to suit their tastes.  A WONDERFUL dish…and he found the recipe from the Food Network. Merci!
Chefs' Club1 006

Toasted Butternut Squash Soup - with Marscapone, Maple Syrup, and Dried Cherries.

Salad Course : Sarah  – Apple, Dried Cherry, and Walnut Salad with Maple Dressing

Chefs' Club1 009

Sarah's Dish - Apple, Dried Cherry, and Walnut Salad with Maple Dressing


Main Dish: Stacey – Roasted Pork with Port Jus and Chipotle-Glazed Apples

Side 1: Meredith  – Oregano Cumin Pumpkin Stuffing

Side 2: Tara  – Sweet Potatoes and Squash

Chefs' Club1 012

The main and two sides -This pork has a great kick to it, but is sweet, too. An EXCELLENT main course!

Dessert Course: Kim – Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Pie

Chefs' Club1 027

Yummy -- more than half gone already!


And, more fun times with friends….

Chefs' Club1 025

Group Shot in the kitchen...

Sitting down to eat...

Chefs' Club1 015

Hmm, mmmm....

Chefs' Club1 026

Enjoying our Pumpkin Pie Martinis post dinner.

In the end, our first chefs’ club left us feeling COMPLETELY full…but also, like this was the beginning of something incredible… can’t wait to see what kitchen creations we come up with!


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