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December 2008 Chefs’ Club

December 12 2008

Special ingredients for December:

  • Fruit: Oranges and Pomegranates
  • Vegetables: Artichokes and Leeks

December turned out to be a month of learning a lot in the kitchen.  Several of us had never cooked with either pomegranates, leeks, or whole artichokes.  We did a bit of research about the best ways to cook with each item.  As the time came for one of us to prepare one of these new ingredients, the rest of us ran over to watch and see how these fun new ingredients worked 🙂  It’s like our own trial and error cooking classes!

Quick run-down of our amazing meal:

  • Appetizer – Sarah- Artichokes with Romano, Cracked Pepper and Olive oil – so fun! We each shared with a friend.  It seems like a great ‘community’ appetizer where you should know one another well (since you are sharing off of one plate – a whole artichoke would be a lot for one!).  An excellent idea for a couples’ dinner party, too.
  • Salad Course – Laura – Spinach Salad with Orange and Warm Goat Cheese
  • Main Dish – Kim – Honey-Roasted Ham with Dried Cherry Relish
  • Side – Kat – Artichoke & Leek Risotto with Cream
  • Side – Stacey – Spinach and Leek Gratin with Roquefort Gratin Crunch – She even tried two versions of cheese to try to find the best flavor!
  • Dessert – Kelly – Pomegranate, Orange, and Chocolate Angel Food Cake (adapted from a SELF Magazine Raspberry recipe – link to original – I just traded out the Raspberry for our key December ingredients of Orange and Pomegranate.)  Also, I topped the individual cakes with pomegranate seeds and  Candied Orange Peel (personally, I think this was the better recipe to take away from this dessert.)
  • Before/After Dinner Drink – Tara – Holiday Eggnog (light version! – and tastes fantastic!)
  • Kitchen Helper/Music – Meredith – Holiday Hits!
  • Wine – Erin

chefs club dec 001.1

December tablescape.

chefs club dec 009

Group shot! Merry Christmas!


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